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Division 10


10 11 00 Visual Display Units:

For commercial and educational projects chalkboards, whiteboards and tackboards are a critical items.  We now furnish and install Claridge products.  New projects go beyond normal static display boards and encompass vertical and horizontal sliding boards and interactive boards.  We are able to provide complete single source responsibility for this work. 

10 14 00 Signage:

Signage for virtually any project can be designed, furnished and installed.  We work with some great sign companies that are specialists in simple and complex signage.  We coordinate  design and oversee the fabrication and delivery to ensure that the project schedule is not compromised by this work that is usually completed at the end of the project.  

10 21 00 Compartments and Cubicles:

Toilet compartments seem to be the biggest problem to get right.  for years we installed what others furnished.  Being a distributor for Accurate Partitions we have the ability to furnish any type of standard toilet partition in Phenolic, plastic laminate, stainless steel powder coated steel or HDPE plastic.  These are all custom fabricated to exact sizes that we field measure.  Since we have a vested interest in these being perfect we take the extra time to make sure the details are correct prior to ordering.  

10 26 00 Wall and Door Protection:

Corner guards, wall guards and wall protection including plastic, vinyl and acrylic panels.  We work with several manufacturers that can furnish hundreds of colors and styles suitable for nearly any project.  

10 28 00 Toilet and Bath Accessories:

Bathrooms are in every project and we can cover the complete bath accessory package for all commercial and residential restrooms.  

10 44 13 Fire Protection:

Fire extinguisher cabinets are seldom thought of but all buildings need them and we have got them.  Working with several manufacturers we are able to provide nearly any style cabinet for any project.  

10 51 00 Lockers:

From country clubs, to employee locker rooms to schools, lockers come in several materials and sizes.  We can furnish metal, laminate, plastic and wood lockers in many standard shapes and sizes from several manufacturers.  For the projects that standard lockers don't fit or work we are able to custom fabricate wood and plastic laminate lockers in virtually any shape and size.

10 55 00 Postal Specialties:

For all residential projects we are able to furnish and install several different styles of USPS approved mailboxes and parcel lockers.  

10 57 00 Wardrobe Specialties:

Closet shelving from vinyl coated metal wire has become a cost effective and practical option for closets and we work with one of the biggest names in wire shelving.  We can furnish and install wire closet shelving precut from field measurements to simplify the on site work meaning lower costs and faster installation.  We have the ability to custom fabricate wood and laminate shelving in virtually any configuration. 

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