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Division 6

Finish Carpentry, Cabinets, Millwork

06 10 00 Rough Carpentry:

Wood backing and rough bucks for all the work we install.  We can also furnish and install wood backing for other trades work. 

06 15 00 Wood and Composite Decking:
Wood decking in commercial applications. We have completed decks from 3,000 square feet to over 10,000 square feet. 

06 20 00 Finish Carpentry:

All standing and running trim, baseboards, chair rails and crown molding.  Any finish trim work in any species can be furnished and installed.  We work with several hardwood suppliers in the Pacific Northwest that have access to standard and exotic woods from around the globe. Many of the hotel and condominium projects include miles and miles of trim work. 

06 40 00 Architectural Woodwork:

Custom fabrication and installation of all custom casework. This includes all casework from simple laminate boxes to custom hotel and office reception desks.  We oversee the fabrication of this work in our shop using our employees and control the entire process from material selection to finishing, delivery and installation.  All casework is manufactured in our Seattle shop from domestically sourced materials.  Our shop location is near many large material suppliers allowing us access to virtually any material without delay.  

Flush and stile and rail paneling is also fabricated in our shop to exact specifications including matching and finishing to your requirements.  Since we are responsible for the entire process from selecting the materials to owner acceptance we shop fabricate to field dimensions that we take.  There is no excuses, no finger pointing and no back charges. 

06 61 00 Simulated Stone Fabrications:

Solid surface countertops from various manufacturers including Corian, Avonite, Staron, LG Himacs, among several others are all fabricated to fit our casework in the shop, allowing for field conditions only when necessary.  For many of our large freestanding desks the countertops are fully installed on the cabinet before shipping eliminating the need for in site installation, saving time and money. 

06 83 00 Composite Paneling:

Resin composite paneling such as 3Form and Plexiglas fabrications and installations.  Our fabrication shop can fabricate these materials using CNC equipment and computer controlled saws.  

Fiberglass reinforced paneling such as Marlite and Nudo fiberlite paneling. We layout, order, deliver and install all the paneling, trims, adhesive and sealants needed for a complete installation. 

Exterior wood cladding such as Parklex and VIVIX panels. These panels can be cut to size on our computer controlled saws to exact field measurements to eliminate site labor and costs. 

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