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Division 8

Door Openings

08 11 13 Hollow Metal doors and frames:

Standard and custom hollow metal frames.  We coordinate the complete opening including all hardware and weather, fire and code requirements to ensure your openings work whatever the opening. We offer doors and frames from Door Components and can purchase through our partners virtually any manufacturers doors and frames.  

08 14 00 Wood doors:

Wood doors for any opening and any project, from stile and rail doors in exotic hardwoods to flush hollow core doors for apartments and everything in between we can furnish and install them all.  We have partnerships with several door manufactures that can create any door imaginable.  Our own fabrication shop can build custom doors to fit any opening with any design.  All hardware, weather and code requirements are carefully considered for every opening. 

08 71 00 Door Hardware:

Installation of all door hardware on wood and hollow metal doors including special door operators and controls, fire and life safety is a critical consideration for every opening and we take great care to insure proper installation, testing and adjusting doors to provide proper operation. 

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